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Internally: Emotional Landscapes from Israel


The exhibition “Internally: Emotional Landscapes from Israel” presents artworks by over thirty contemporary Israeli artists in diverse media as painting, photography, etching, sculpture and mixed media. Depictions of Israeli landscapes in art have a history of being submerged with political, historical, religious and ethnographic narratives, by local artists as well as by visitors, pilgrims and international creators. The current exhibition aims to depict views of Israel from “within”, via personal perspectives and life experiences by those who live there, and that are not necessarily conformed by the myths and grandiose weight of expectations prompted by titles as “Holy Land”, “Homeland”, “The Land of Milk and Honey” and “Zion”. “Internally” is divided into four main geographical observations - Desert, Sea, Fields and Urbanity - and is taking the viewer through a multitude of visual commentaries about the daily realities of the land that is being fought over for thousands of years, and perhaps can hardly be envisioned otherwise. 


Participating artists:

Dan Allon, Adar Aviam, Anat Aviv, Durar Bacri, Davi Barell, Ilan Baruch, Dan Birenboim, Ayelet Carmi, Iris Cintra, Eyal Fried, Yuval Hai, Meirav Heiman, Dror Yisrael Hemed,Talia Israeli, Alon kedem, Hila Laiser-Beja, Oren Lukatz, Sally Krysztal, Liat Livni, Anat Maoz, Ohad Matalon, Aviv Naveh, Zemer Peled, Stanislav Pospelov, Israel Rabinovitz, Rotem Reshef, Elena Rotenberg, Hila Spitzer, Nomi Tannhauser, Rakefet Viner-Omer, Carmela Weiss, Doron Wolf, Noa Yekutieli, Tal Yerushalmi, Barak Zemer


The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Anat Maoz, one of the participating artists, that passed away in October 2019.

USC Hillel Art Gallery,

University of Southern California, Los Angeles

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