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EX-tend EX-cess: Metamorphosis in Clay

Group Exhibition

Artists: Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Cassils, Roxanne Jackson, Sara Parent-Ramos, Zemer Peled, Rotem Reshef, Martha Rieger; Brie Ruais, Anthony Sonnenberg, Gabriela Vainsencher, Michael Ware, Matt Wedel, Shiyuan Xu.


Co-Curated by Dr. J. Susan Isaacs & Sagi Refael

Center for the Arts

Towson University, Baltimore, MD

August - December 2022

"EX-tend EX-cess: Metamorphosis in Clay" was chosen as 1 of the best 10 art exhibitions by Bmore Art Magazine

Bmore Art Magazine

Ceramics Now


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