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Sally Krysztal


No Shade in LA




Paper cuts


Sally Krysztal is a multidisciplinary artist that practices and re-invents traditional crafts in contemporary contexts, mainly dealing with issues of self-representation, via historical research of circus figures and outcast personas.

During her visit in Los Angeles as an artist in residence, Krysztal used public transportation on a daily basis to get to places as Long Beach, Inglewood, Leimert Park, Venice, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Mid City, West Hollywood, DTLA, Beverly Hills and more.

Her experiences of waiting for the bus while standing in the sun, and encountering different ethnical communities, resulted in the series "No Shade in LA", monochrome paper-based works that had been “carved” into, alluding the texture of palm trees burks.

Traveling throughout Los Angeles, looking up to the Hollywood hills, enhanced to realization of the hills as a destination people strive to reach, as a symbol of success and fulfillment.  Her new body of work “To The Hills” presents the artist’s self-portrait as it is on the verge of diffusing, disappearing or bursting into flames, while looking up, to the southern Californian sky, trees and hills.



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